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When dogging what catagory do you fall in to?

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Evening all,
Finally got around to making this with some of my views and questions and debate regarding dogging for our area.
Kind of planned this out in my head how I should go about this or how I should order it but well just wing it!

My Experience:
If you want to feel free to drop back to my previous posts about my experience dogging I will cover small parts here and a general gist but would be great if people went back and maybe left a comment? Anyway so I'm actually from York hence the username but for personal reasons came to Hull a lot and accidentally found dogging a while ago at 18 bit of googling and a few years later I'm still invested! Now for personal reasons I do get the chance for a small amount of travel and do try to stench my legs and dick! In the areas I have visited for a dogging experience, places such as; York, Birdlington, Grimsby, Scunthrope, Warrington and Peterborough. (no particular order there) and to be honest Hull (Bishop Burton) is by far the best and probably the only place I've got some action, not for lack of effort!

Just a last little run down of what I've done dogging wise:
I think 4 times couples in car and played with wife at passenger door before cumming on them, 1 time was cum in mouth before she kissed husband (That was hot to see)
  • 1 was a couple, went to small raised woods bit for bj for me and her husband.
  • 1 was the gang-bang, I saw/joined (see my previous post).
  • Most recent I believe was the couple in the camper van, I believe I did a post about, that was amazing for me as I was able to wank the husband which was new for me and quite fun!
If I haven't done a topic on one of those and you would like one me to feel free to leave a message and I'll try and do one, I believe I have for both though.

*One quick note I have noticed that doggers are mostly 40+ with the odd exception to the rule, just a shame to me being 21 had a few times been told I'm to young, but more often they like it a younger guy with there wife.*

I'd probably say now for the last 12 months I have only been going once a week but before I was going to spots between York and Hull probably around 3-4 times a week where possible.

What I'd like to see more of:
I've been writing this now bit by bit for the last few hours, I made a few titles as I went but wasn't sure what I wanted to put. Like anything in life there are always things i'd like to change but hard to put finger on.
The approach from people when dogging, I'll try explain this but there has been a few times I've been parked up and a car has pulled up now I am straight but like you've read I'm open to trying things in a MFM situation, just my preference. But I'll get cars pull up next to me I'll be polite enough to smile but shake my head and make it clear, I normally get a nod in acknowledgement back but will then pull up again 15 mins later, just a small thing that if people say no maybe leave it? I do understand its not as simple as that!

Something else I see a lot and I think it would help dogging is people being clear they are dogging and what they are looking for, this is mainly for couples rather than guys but I see a lot of couples go and I can see through the window as driving past they are probably dogging, you know the area, the dress, the time but when you flash light or walk by you get no acknowledgement which is a little annoying, I don't want to annoy them but don't want to waste a few and far between opportunity, just a quick hello sorry we're looking for.... would be a lovely help for guys!

I would say those are my major two big little annoyances when dogging!

Closing notes and questions:
When people ask me what dogging is I tend to say "It's something couples can do you go to a spot together and let guys watch you have sex in the car or even let them join a little" now I know that's very rough and outline but you get the gist from it. One of my questions is has this happened to either a guy: seen a couple they've put on a show and you've watched or joined and couples have you been and what happened for you?
Another for more couples but why do you go? What do you like about it? One thing I have noticed is most couples I've spoken to have said they go regular but I've never seen the same couples twice.

But anyway that's just a few of my thoughts so feel free and I'd love for people to drop a comment and get a discussion going maybe even post your own experience in a thread for us to read!

Just a quick word I'll add I fully understand at the moment with Covid-19 the word is a weird and maybe even unsafe place so stay safe all and wear a condom!

I've left a small poll at the bottom if you fancy a vote! I'd love this site to be a little more active on the dogging side it's a local site so I don't mind posting on here, I've tried fab-swingers but being nation wide a little harder and I don't know any better sites!

Lastly I've used my 5 message limit so if you message me I can't reply if this sites gets more active in areas I have interest I may sign up to access more messages, but feel free to drop a message for me to read maybe even a phone number and I should be able to reply that way.

Good night and horny happy dogging!

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