My dogging experience PT 3

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I come back with a 2020 update my friends, to be honest nothing much has happened for a while now seen a few couples but they have either left or not been doggers (shame). But the other night I had a good night, I went after work so got there around 9:15 i pulled in from the York side and there was a camper van with a couple then maybe 2 cars with guys and another couple next to a car with a guy in it. I parked up the far end like normal and after awhile the couple in the car leave and so does the car their talking to, I presume not doggers but just friends meeting up.

I go back up the other end and the van couple are in the back a car is parked behind them empty they put a light on and i see the two guys and her doing something of a sexual act couldn't make out what. I popped back up the other end an had a wait. about half an hour later the car goes so I pop back up and they have the light on, pretty sure doggers now. I go back up the other end. Another car comes past with a couple i presume doggers as i drive past them before and her heard popped up from his lap. They drive towards me and flash there light i flash mine back, seemed like a not to bad looking couple, but then they left maybe wanting me to follow but the van with the couple pulled up next to me so I'd rather wait for them knowing it be more likely they are doggers. We sit for 10 mins they both get out and get in the back I get out and walk around the van waiting for some sort of invite but it was far to cold and windy so got back in my car, they got back in the front and left. I followed and parked up behind them, there is a van the other side of them a regular I recognise but have never spoke to. They both get out and get in the back I get out and walk to the side they use the sliding door is just open.

I get real close and he says there just leaving because she's tired, I make small talk and say shame I didn't join in up there as I'm ready to cum to be honest, We chat a little and he asks the girl well do you want some more cum? she nods and they invite me in, nice little set up with some sort if bed area thing in the van, little bit dark though.

They ask if i want a bj and still being new I say I'd rather watch them two if that's okay, massive credit to the guy he says they normally want guys doing stuff to her but sure. I watch her suck him off and wank, I play with her boobs a bit then get the bottle to ask if I can wank the guy while she sucks him(Massive step for me) I think we had some good team work! Now I'm ready to cum so say I am, she says on her back for me to cum on her boobs and he starts to fuck her, little annoyed a came so fast would of liked to finger or while he fucked her but I came on her cleave she was wearing some corset style top with no bottoms. Still not fully up on the idea of being touched he says why don't you suck his cum and I give her the cummy tip to suck on while he fucks her. I then said bye and left while they still fucking, maybe the Van guy joined in after Left.

Few little after notes on the whole thing, I really enjoyed it and glad I pushed the boat out and wanked him. She was a little to quite and didn't say much really, would of been nice for her to offer something even if I said no. And finally was dark but can't really do anything about that. Definitely go again to them hopefully watch her in a threesome this time. Or maybe catch the other couple to have a watch.
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