Free time quick 2nd visit to Discretion

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Free time quick 2nd visit to Discretion

Unread post by mjdubya » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:07 pm

As above I had a bit of free time after the hell of getting into the city center this afternoon. I decided to give my 2nd punt a go and went to Discretion. Vogue came downstairs lovely smile and a great backside which hypnotized on the stairs. I opted for Keeley when up there and I can say in the flesh her pictures don't do her justice. Any Keeley made me very welcome and I opted for half hour.

After some time out, I need to start to curb my enthusiasm and Keeley was a great host who was very enthusiastic. Another great smile and another great ass I could eat my dinner from. Damn think I am getting hooked... :D

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