The Swinging & Fetish Scene - Never the Twain Shall Meet?

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The Swinging & Fetish Scene - Never the Twain Shall Meet?

Unread post by kinkypeeps » Sun Mar 09, 2014 6:26 pm

Hi All x

As it seems contributors to this section have been virtually zero.. I thought it a good idea that once I find time to contribute.. time would best be served starting threads of relevance & interest sourced from various other forums we are members of on the scene. I don't find writing pieces easy and doing something from scratch can take me many hours of re reading, correcting and revamping... As things stand with little response, I will cut and paste here some other stuff I've written elsewear or others have written that has struck a chord, changed a common perception or just made me laugh like fuck! So even if you are not compelled to contribute.. at least you have something to read! :)

OK first up.. a post I did this week on an interesting group on Fetlife started to appeal to people like us that move around on both scenes and how frustrating it is combining the 2 lifestyles. I was prompted to write this after attending a Fet orientated party in Hull last week


Since joining this group, we went to a well attended local fet orientated party.. Must admit, really enjoyed the change from our usual social haunts.. however I still found it frustrating the huge chasm of differences,, we generally find the swinging scene can be quite restrictive on finding people with our mind set.. the fet scene in my view is obviously much more diverse... so much more to matching up 4 likeminded souls to make a private meet a viability for all 4. We met a few really funny and entertaining characters whom we hope we can regularly hook up with at various future events.

This is by no means a criticism on anyone, just underlining our observations as we saw it ... we generally found a larger number of people at these events take their play & kink extremely seriously! I guess that our fun approach attitude to what we do didn't appear to go down well with some.. but hey ho, you live and learn and take it on board.. From this experience, won't stop us delving further, it'll just give us a better understanding of what makes things tick in these circles..we always tend to find a like minded soul or waif and stray somewhere!

We'll definitely stick with this group and hope more join and contribute to bridge that gap as it we feel it is quite large! Definitely see Ambers frustration and vision for this group much more clearly!

Love Kinks xxx

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