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Advice please...

If you need advice or have advice to give this is the place.
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Advice please...

Unread post by kinkypeeps » Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:51 am

A private note we received today...we thought it relevant to boards so posting with the kind consent of the poster

"good evening peeps, hope you are fine...

If possible I would like your advice/ knowledge on the below.

We are a couple in our late forties, but it has to be said
most people think we are early 40's. We have indulged
in group sex posiibley 6-7times (max 6 people), but
always whilst we have been on vacation, and although
I know my wife has seriosly enjoyed herself on all occaisions,
she will not entertain doing this when back in the UK ??
even after a good night out she will not even go there. It also
cannot be her appearance as she was a figure and fitness champion accompanied with many medical enhancements
(she even has a body to rival Sophies)...

so a coulpe of quick questions..

I have obviousley suggested swinging on many occiasions
so any suggestions on how to persude her to do this locally?

and if sucessful do you think our age a disadvantage

thanks for your time"

Hi Guys

Thanks for your message....A sticky one that! We have come across situations like yours before within our community. Like any situtuation, to enjoy this scene and get the most of it, both of you have to be up for it 101 per cent. I don't have the answers about the psychology of your wifes reticence to try it in the UK....maybe its the deep down fear that she may bump into someone she knows..i don't know.

But on a more positive tack...the only way forward is to talk to her, if you try and steer a situation without fully talking about it...trust me, it will more than likely end in tears. The local scene in Hull is vibrant and diverse, age just does not come into it..most of the people in this scene are early to late middle age..I myself am a young looking 52, Mrs K, my partner is 47...Not saying all, but the majority of people are over 30...It takes maturity and 100 percent trust in your partnership to handle and reign in the emotional pitfalls of this scene.

As a footnote...must point out that the scene in Hull is a very social one...we don't all just meet for group sex on someones front room carpet! We all circulate as friends, even go around town in a crowd for a night out..house parties are by and large social affairs...sex occurs between consenting upstairs when and as people feel like it upstairs or wherever no-one else will be bothered by it ...Its a good scene for newbies...you are in the driving seat...you decide what you will do and others will always respect your space.

If you decide to give it a try, please contact us and we will tell you how to go about getting an invite to either a party or a swingers social. All we can do is point the way...the rest is up to you guys

Best wishes

Kinks xxx

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Re: Advice please...

Unread post by Mistermc » Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:37 pm

Sounds good advice. Think the thought of meeting someone you know at a party, especially if you like to keep that element of your life separate to your work/normal social life must put a lot of people off, I know it does me. Unfortunately not everyone can be as open about it, which does restrict things but where there is a will as they say.

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