MEETS...A place to find local like minded souls

To arrange meetings please use this section.
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MEETS...A place to find local like minded souls

Unread post by kinkypeeps » Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:06 pm

Please use this section for requests for meets, social occassions, friendship etc...Although not ideal with the restrictions on member profiles due to bandwidth & free storage understandably to keep site a free resource. Section is open to anyone of any persuasion...BUT! Single guys useless requests for sex will not be allowed to jam up the boards and will be removed after 72 hours if no replys...sorry it will be this way but theres just too many single guys looking for quick sex and we wish to keep the boards as diverse and of interest to all genders & persuasions in equal quantity.. We have no objections to the use of other site links to show pictures on your respective profiles or will be strictly monitered on a daily basis and anything innapropriate or offensive will be removed..thyank you & good luck!

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