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Ladys please remember to be polite and work together on the forum - No personal insults towards each other whether parlour/indie/dogger or browser - stay quiet or PM each other if you have issues..
Please read Forum rules.

Please follow these rules, if you don't we will not hesitate in banning you

If you expose the private lives of any forum member, representative or sex worker inadvertently, you will be warned and the posting will be edited or deleted.

If you expose the private lives of any forum member, representative or sex worker deliberately, you will be banned.

If you threaten to expose the private life of of any forum member, representative or sex worker, you will be warned by PM.

Independent sex workers may wish to keep their working location confidential ... disclosure without express permission will result in a warning by PM.

Many people within this industry prefer to remain anonymous, they have family, friends, children, business colleagues, partners, wives, husbands etc. that may not be like minded. Let's make sure that nobody has to face any public embarrasment as a result of posting on this forum ... No real names please.

Three warnings qualifies a member for a ban from HAF - ‘three strikes and you’re out’

PMs are just what they say they are PERSONAL MESSAGES ... members are not allowed to post messages they have received without the express permission of one of the Admin/Mod team or the sender of the message.

The posting of phone numbers and email addresses by members is prohibited ... only Parlour Owners, Parlour Representatives and WGs may do so in the relevant sections.

Anyone who makes a personal attack on another forum member risks getting a warning

No Street Girl Posts

Enquiries about WGs offering bareback (non oral) services will be deleted

No Trolls ... if your here to cause trouble, we don`t want you.

No advertising outside designated areas.

Double IDs are not allowed ... if you think you have a good reason contact the Admin/Mod team ... new registrations which are double ID, not supported by email requests will be deleted.

Registrations from outside the UK are normally rejected.

The sending of threatening or abusive Private Messages will not be tolerated. If the Moderation Team become aware of such PMs then restrictions will be placed on the user's account. Such restrictions may initially be temporary, but will immediately be made permanent should a further abuse of the PM system occur.

The Administrators reserve the right add any rule they deem fit to ensure the good running of the board.
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All newly registered users are unable to send private messages until they have made a minimum of 3 approved posts.
Registered Users can now send a maximum of 5 messages, after which they have to subscribe.

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